The family I had growing up is all but a memory now. Children move away. We start our own families. But it's the trip we make home again that is so important. Family can be crazy and infuriating. But it's also what matters most. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure that out. John Grogan

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

I don't know what it is, but it seems like every January I want to get a new purse. My old one is fine, nothing is broken or torn or worn out. I just need a change, a new look, a different bag. I did want something with a little more room. I find a need to carry a little more with me. My need to be prepared has increased. My new bag is nice and roomy. I like it. It caught my eye as I walked by the bags at Target. I wasn't thinking "I need to buy a purse". I just saw it and liked it. Although, I have always had a thing with bags and purses. I have a whole closet full of them and I use them. I choose the one I use depending on my mood. Am I the only one that is bag crazy? Anyway, here it is. Wasn't quite sure about the color. If it had come in a different color, I might have bought a different one, but it is growing on me and I loved the style. So now I have made one more step into the new year. Just call me the bag lady!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year 2011

It's been awhile since we've visited. The elections have come and gone. Thanksgiving and Christmas have past us by and it is now a new year. I always love the new year. It brings a much needed boost to my motivation. Things are looking up, but I know it is going to be a tough year. I just have to keep my hope up and pray that my efforts in eating good and taking my meds has paid off.
The holidays were filled with family and friends. Vivian helped me with the Thanksgiving rolls this year. I love spending time with her. "We work together", she declares with excitement. At Christmas time, Pete and Rachel stayed with us and Natahlya helped me make the breadsticks for Christmas Eve dinner. They both did a great job and I felt like I was passing on the Kuhlmann traditions to them. What a teaching moment! It's what I live for. I would love all of my grandchildren to be close enough to be able to work together with their grandma. I miss each one. The children are so spread out now with Candice and Bridget in Texas with their families, Pete, Kelli and Tony in Northern Utah with theirs. Tiffany and their family are about as close as they can get and I really enjoy their visits each day.
With this new year, I have once again committed to be better at healthy eating. I improve each year and the fact that I am still here is evidence that it is working. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Megan's 2010

(In the words of my megan) my little "snicker doodle" is growing fast!  She is 10 now, and is in the 4th grade!  She still loves school and learning.  Art and music are her favorite subjects/hobbies.  She is in the school choir and the ward choir.  She had a solo a few months ago.  She is in her 3rd year of piano lessons.  She is playing really well and if she puts her mind to it can learn and memorize a song in a week.  SO TALENTED!  She wants to learn to play as many instruments as she can.  She also loves people.  She is always planning parties and adventures with her friends.  Her family has been having a lot of fun.  They went to Disneyland for Christmas last year.  They visited Moab in the summer, enjoying the view hiking around Canyonlands, and Arches.  She always snuggles with he scarf and blanket that mom made for her. The teddy bear I got her this year she has named Sugar, or "Shuger" (as she spells it), and used it with her Halloween costume this year. She's looking forward to getting her ears pierced in two years!  She's says she loves and misses me and hopes to meet me someday :)  Her family sends their love to us, and says thank you for making their family possible. Written by Tiffany Martineau

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dear Friends;
I have always thought it important to be involved in the Republican Primary, which will be held on Tuesday the 22nd of June. You know me and know of my experience in public service. I have served as a volunteer firefighter and Search and Rescue member. I have been involved with the Sheriff's Office in one capacity or another for the past thirty years and have served under the past five Sheriffs. I have held many positions including Chief Deputy over the Patrol Division and Undersheriff. I know the Sheriff's Office and many of its members, and the candidates. They are both good men. They are both conservative, with similar views on the constitution, immigration and citizen rights, but there is a difference. It is easy to say you care about Washington County, its problems, and its people. It is another thing to show you care through your actions. Lieutenant Cory Pulsipher has shown throughout his 23 year career with the county Sheriff's Office that he cares. His actions speak volumes about his commitment to our communities.He showed he cared in the 1990s by actively participating as a member of the first county SWAT team, when participation meant donating your time, and buying much of your own equipment to make the county a safer place. In those days members trained without compensation and Cory was there, and eventually became the team leader because of his abilities and dedication. He is and has been there when funds are being raised for “Shop with a cop”, when we are fighting cancer or child abuse, supporting Special Olympics or Search and Rescue. He is repeatedly donating his time and talents, raising funds, working, and feeding volunteers. He is not going to start programs when he gets elected, he has started programs. He put deputies on bikes at the county fair, special events, and in your neighborhoods. He raised funds for a program to help teach construction skills to inmates so they could return to society with abilities that would allow them to feed their families through honest labor. He participated in the first Citizen's Academy in Washington County, and other important community programs which worked directly with you to listen to your concerns and bring you within our circle. He is there when your child gets lost helping to organize and supervise the effort to find them. When a major event happens, he is there working to find solutions which keep you safe and protect your property. He is there when one of his people is in need of support.
In my years of service and as a supervisor, I have learned that past performance is one of the best indicators of future behavior. Cory has a history of being there when the county needs him, and it's a long history. A history filled with compassion, concern, and dedication. He has been there and you can count on him to be there in the future. He has done good things in the past and he will continue to do good things in the future. That is why I am endorsing Cory Pulsipher for Washington County Sheriff. I hope you will vote on June 22nd and that you will vote for Cory Pulsipher. He has shown in the past that he can, and will do the job for you and your family.
The Republican primary is open to registered Republicans and to unaffiliated voters who are willing to register as Republicans at the polls prior to voting. Please participate. It is important to our county.
Pete Kuhlmann

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Precious Baby Girl, Adria Jo

3 lbs 10 oz
Our Precious Baby Girl, Adria Jo, was born November 17, 2009. Rachel was put into the hospital on bed rest because of the lack of amniotic fluid. Two months earlier than planned, our little girl came into this life struggling for life. She is precious!